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S.S Davis is Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham. He has trained more than 100 PhD students and has made more than 800 publications. He has almost 40 years experience in drug delivery and is regarded as a world authority in the area.

Lisbeth Illum is Special Professor at the University of Nottingham, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science. She was Managing Director/Chief Scientific officer at Phaeton Research, and was also Managing Director of West Pharmaceutical Services Drug Delivery and Clinical Research (formerly Danbiosyst Ltd.)

Cosmas-Damian Ltd.
Professor Stanley S. Davis
19 Cavendish Crescent North

The Park


About Cosmas-Damian (Stomach)

About Cosmas-Damian
Consulting and IP Management


Cosmas-Damian and IDentity advise on the formulation and evaluation of drug products and vaccines.
preformulation studies
controlled release systems
polymer matrices and polymer microspheres
transmucosal delivery of challenging drugs
nasal drug delivery
nose-to-brain drug delivery
drug targeting using colloidal carriers
biomedical applications of nanotechnology
gene delivery
the use of gamma scintigraphy for the evaluation of drug dosage forms
lipid vehicles for improved drug administration, in particular emulsion systems and vitamin E
absorption windows in the gastrointestinal tract
colonic targeting
particle size analysis /surface analysis

Cosmas-Damian and IDentity play a role in advising those who wish to start up companies , in particular individuals who wish to spin-out companies from the academic sector. SSD has a mentoring role and sits on the scientific advisory boards of various small companies. Book Review

IP Managment

SSD and Li are members of the Intellectual Property Expert Group (ipeg). Ipeg is a group of specialists in licensing-out and patent enforcement strategies, based on 30 years of legal and technical practise and expertise. The company also plays an important role in protecting intellectual property. SSD and LI advise clients, and especially University groups on patenting matters and strategies for the exploitation of inventions though licence arrangements. SSD is also very active in patent litigation. and acts as an expert witness for companies in the UK, Europe, North America and Japan.


SSD advises merchant banks and venture capital companies on investment opportunities. He also assists companies with the recruitment of key staff.